Conservation Stories of Hope from  Africa


The 2021 Earth Optimism’s overarching theme is restoration. Restoration of green spaces and wetlands, our food systems, marine environments, hope in communities, populations and different species of wildlife and most important, self restoration. 

2020 was a year that has pulled apart and disrupted each and every individual, community and country in many different ways; despite this tough and grueling year, there are still stories of courage and hope that can be shared; stories of transformation and restoration that build on the lessons drawn from 2020.

The Earth Optimism 2021 focus on restoration is in line with the UN decade of restoration and Earth Day’s Restoration of our Earth themes that all underpin the importance of healthy ecosystems for healthier communities.

Stories of Hope

Earth Optimism aims to fundamentally shift how we frame the narrative about our planet – from doom and gloom to optimism and opportunity. Here are the conservation stories that will inspire you to conservation action

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Earth Optimism Voices

People are the drivers to the conservation of habitats and species. Some go unheard because of the nature of our media platforms today, Earth Optimisms gives everyone a chance to not only share but learn from other the positive impact for conservation 

Biophilic Film Festival

The Biophilic Film festival will run a long side Earth Optimism Nairobi to showcase the amazing conservation stories through Films. 

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