Dr Mao

Celebrating Earth Optimism with Dr. Mao

As we celebrate Earth Optimism – and the 50th anniversary of Earth Day – we are excited to bring you uplifting stories from real people who are making an impact through the work. Among those is Dr Mao Amis, an alumnus of the Tropical Biology Association. Dr Mao founded and is the Executive Director of the Africa Centre for a Green Economy, a think tank and a capacity building organization based in South Africa.

On this Day, Dr Mao and his team have launched #GreenInsights; a new weekly podcast that unpacks key environmental issues such as climate finance, environmental leadership, and circular economy. In the first episode Dr Mao speaks to Ms Anuradha Rao at the launch of her new book ‘One Earth: People of Color Protecting the Planet’. Ms Rao is a changemaker who is passionate about indigenous communities’ engagement in environmental conservation.

You can listen to the podcast here: https://greeninsights.buzzsprout.com/

I hope their story inspire you during these tough times.

Otherwise, keep safe and healthy.

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