Climate action: Adaptation, Mitigation and Innovation

About the Film


This stop-frame animation is about the main three (deforestation, waste and burning of fossil fuels) causes of climate change and how what can be done to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This animation is made in a sustainable way: everything used in the making are reduced and/or recycled. This animation was inspired by my research project. I decided on my topic for my dissertation (more information below) and my practical work, in order to create awareness and provoke action towards climate change and saving the planet. I always say “anyone can make a difference” thus my medium id stop frame animations.


I created a research report titled Burnt Toast, that uses environmental ethics theory and climate change realities to form a thorough investigation between the relationship of the film industry and climate change, mainly focusing on the filmmaking process and how it influences climate change. This report includes an examination of how climate change impacts the film industry. Extreme weather and temperature changes along with other issues we face today, is a result of climate change and can have severe implications. Environmental ethics tells us how to treat the environment and our surroundings fair whilst creating the idea that everything is connected. Sustainability is discussed in depth to give an alternative in order to decrease the contribution towards climate change and the concept of eco-cinema is used as a tool for filmmakers to create awareness. A series of interviews, with filmmakers all over the world, will give opinions and experiences around this subject. These interviews conjoined with a questionnaire will be used as data to support the research question and sub-questions. In conclusion, this research report aims to change the way filmmakers think and act towards saving our planet.