Earth Optimism: The Prologue

UPDATE : “Activities for the 2020 earth optimism Nairobi are cancelled. However, we hope to keep sharing news bits in the build up to a greater event in 2021”


Earth Optimism summit will be happening for the first time in Nairobi Kenya. You may be wondering what it is? Earth Optimism is all about sharing these stories and making sure they are part of the conversation and statistics as well. The stories of every day citizens and organizations impacting their communities positively without in any way discounting the fact that there are challenges to be faced.

The statistics spell nothing but doom and gloom and mother nature, judging from recent occurrences around the world is really painting a vivid picture of what the figures mean. From floods and wild fires to locust invasions and droughts.

It is these occurrences that bring a sense of total hopelessness among people. In fact, The Amnesty poll released on Human Rights Day 10th December 2019 showed that climate change tops the list of global worries among young across the globe. Closely in second place was pollution- another environmental issue.

In many cases the situation may seem so grim that any actions or effort may seem futile. Despite all these occurrences however, not all is lost. We are seeing a lot of people especially the youth standing up and taking action in efforts to conserve our environment.

The resounding message during Earth Optimism summit in Nairobi is that opportunities for action and change just like the challenges do exist. Earth Optimism is celebrated annually between 22nd and 25th of April and this year a number of individuals and organizations have come together to hold the inaugral Earth Optimism Summit at the Nairobi National Museum on 22nd April 2020.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing stories of Kenyans who have chosen to be Earth Optimists and are playing a part in conserving our environment.

We hope these stories give you some confidence that all is not lost and the courage to join every day citizens and take action however small in protecting our valuable home, Earth.


Nyawira Gitaka


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