The main themes for 2020 Earth Optimism Nairobi are:-

Environmental conservation: species and habitats

The event will showcase through talk and environmental films the efforts undertaken by individuals and organizations to restore degraded habitats and also to recover near extinct species.

Climate action: Adaptation, Mitigation and Innovation

Kenya was among the first countries in Africa to put in place climate policies and legislation. Despite being the list contributors to climate change Kenya has gone ahead to develop innovative approaches to address the impacts of climate change. Earth optimism will bring together speakers who will share case studies and what is working in adaptation and mitigation.

Sustainable food systems: Ecological agriculture, Food security and nutrition

Addressing production and consumption patterns is key to unlocking a sustainable future for the world. Agriculture is the mainstay of Kenya’s economy and therefore it is imperative that we interrogate how we produce, process, distribute our food. The event will bring together thought leaders to highlight the positive gains that have been made in this area.

Communities: Site action, research and capacity building

Communities as the custodians of the environment play a critical role in the protection, sustainable use and management of species and habitat. The event will feature exhibitions, talks and videos that demonstrate how community site action has enhanced conservation efforts in Kenya

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