Wildlife-human-conflict Communities: Site action, Research and Capacity building

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Congo's Call of the Wild

In an age when zoonotic diseases have paralyzed the planet, Congo’s Call of the Wild examines an outbreak threatening our closest primate relatives, the bonobos. 

Bushmeat hunters entering their reserve have inadvertently spread human diseases,  but the new community chief is working with conservationists to preserve this primate. 

The hour long documentary also looks at efforts to protect Africa’s largest rainforest –  Congo’s Salonga National Park  and  examines  controversies surrounding anti-poaching patrols and community conservation efforts.

Rise from the Cape Flats

The film is about a man who lives in the heart of the notorious Cape Flats, one of the most dangerous places in the world. 

After one life changing encounter upon experiencing the ocean, he now does everything in his power to advocate for positive change within his community through education and affording the youth to experience the ocean, becoming advocates and protectors of there of.

Whisperers of the Delta

About the Film
Set in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, the inhabitants of the small communities of Ditshiping & Boro live an unconventional way of life of human- elephant ….

….co-existence in an ecosystem which is home to the majestic African Elephant Species.

 Driven by an instinct to stay alive, both human life and wildlife are on an even scale in this ecosystem. Due diligence of respect to territory is the only way to stay alive for the people of the wetlands. The aim of this documentary is to express how the unconventional lifestyle of the people of the Okavango Delta has had a major impact in conserving the elephant species of the Delta. Four female characters invite us into their unconventional lifestyle of human-elephant co-existence. Their story reveals the spectacular connection humans have with nature and their due diligence to respect of territory, all entirely based on human instinct and the sole purpose of survival.

Laikipia Leopards

Ambrose Letoluai is a researcher documenting the behavior of leopards and finding ways they can coexist with communities. 

This story features the amazing persistent young man, who is the only Kenyan studying Leopards. He has documented nearly thirty different leopards using his camera traps. He recently captured the black leopards “black panther” which went viral all around the world.